Medical Trips

We need all types of volunteers - doctors, nurses, medical professionals, Spanish speakers, cooks, preachers, teachers, and of course servants of all natures to make these clinics run!  The clinics function much like a doctor's office in the USA would. We have an intake, pull past charts, do vitals,  run other tests, doctor visit, and prescription fulfillment. It takes a lot of people to provide this quality level of a moving clinic. No matter your role, your heart will be touched by the people of Mexico and the groups we bring. Check out the three routes and well child clinics below.  


We have six medical trips per year and one well child clinic. Each medical trip is five days and we will go to three Ejidos. Each route has a little different community and the facilities will all vary. The availability of electricity is limited to only two of our villages on the Marquez route - no other village has regular electricity available (some limited solar electricity). Therefore, you will get to unplug and check out those stars! The travel in this part of Mexico can be rough roads but it's breathtaking scenery on all three routes.


San Vicente

Sep. 11-15,2019
Mar. 10-14, 2020

Our first stop for this medical trip, after navigating some rough dirt roads, is the ejido of San Vicente, just south of the West side of Big Bend National Park. Our second stop as we move closer to the mountains is La Union and we finish up in the larger ejido of San Miguel. This last stop is also one of our larger clinics. 



Oct. 2-6, 2019
mar. 25-29, 2020

This route spends the least amount of travel time in Mexico compared to our other two. After we pick up supplies in one of our clinic towns of Paso we head to Alamos de Marquez via one hour of dirt road. The following day we head back west towards Paso de San Antonio (our only two villages with electricity) and end up in Alamos de San Antonio, just 12 miles south. 



Nov. 6-10, 2019
apr. 22-26, 2020

A similar route as that of San Vicente but much less time on dirt roads. Our first stop is the border village of Boquillas. Following this stop we go to Las Norias, a beautiful town nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Del Carmen Mountains. We then end this trip in the Ejido of Jaboncillos. This route was the first route the mission took 30 years ago! 


Well Child Clinics

Well Child Clinics are single day clinics where we go to one school in Navaja, Mexico, which is close to Piedras Negras. These clinics just check for general physical health and, when available, hearing and vision. We return in the late evening/night of the same day we left. It's a great trip if you are short on time.