San Vicente Route


The Ejidos of San Vicente, La Union & San Miguel 

This trip begins, as all the others, in Fredericksburg Tx at the mission headquarters. We then travel south towards Eagle Pass, making one restroom stop before arriving in Eagle Pass to fuel and eat lunch. Then we will cross the border in Piedras Negras where you may need to present your passport and obtain a tourist visa. If you do not receive a visa here we will travel on the the next checkpoint and obtain those documents there. Tourist visas are free for up to 10 days. If you are making multiple trips to Mexico you can purchase a longer time frame visa for $25 - give or take. After this stop we travel to Muzquiz in order to get some supplies and then we will eat dinner that is prepared by some locals. 

Following this stop our next restroom break will be "the bushes" as we make our longest trek across the high desert through the beautiful mountains and across the pass at the Sierra del Carmens mountain range. Shortly after this we will make our turn to the north back towards the Rio Grande and Big Bend. The final hour of dirt road is rough at best. There are several gully's to traverse and the road is poorly maintained. We will travel through La Union and then finally arrive at San Vicente. San Vicente does not have electricity but we have a very nice clinic and kitchen building. There is a shower room on all our sites, where you can take a bucket shower that feels pretty good. We will stay in this village the first and second night. Most choose to sleep outside but there is room in the clinic in you want to sleep indoors. 

The morning after the clinic we will pack up and head to La Union. The clinic here is a little busier and the